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Yesterday's Meetup

Sales Post

I cut little piieces out of this top so it would shape a web, and I like it very much <3 I wore this for Friday, the day before Valentine's (which I really do hate) so I wore a red top under it. Cool~

And the picture is normal too!  Light!!! xD Room and messy bad in the background. :D

Toooo short skirt to be true x.X

On Thursday I wore this new skirt I had bought... it was cold and windy for the whole day, and my shoes were too tight too... The wind always blew up my skirt... T_T Who am I? Marylin Monroe or what?

This picture is crappy too, I'm sorry... couldn't use flash because of the mirror. That's life. *sigh*

Casual Lolita

The best pic I took Wednesday morning xD Still kinda crappy... I wore a self made bow as a bracelet and a tie also made by me. I had a grey skirt with black laces, and boots that day... I just forgot to upload the picture... xD


Blogjaim már vannak ezért itt nem akarok írogatni csak képeket fogok postolni a napi stílusomról... mindig ki akartam próbálni =D
I already have several blogs so I won't be writing anything, I'll just post pictures about my daily style... I've always wanted to try that =D